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Ziad K Abdelnour has received raving reviews for his book Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics:

By Ben Owen:

It is rare for me to read a book that I agree with wholeheartedly. “Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics” by Ziad K Abdelnour is an exception to the rule. This book is a primer for those wanting to know more about the confluence between economics and politics.

As a Wall Street Insider and a true Machiavellian, Mr. Abdelnour’s premise in Economic Warfare is fascinating. The premise is not how does society treat the poor, but how does it treat the most successful. Though not mentioned specifically in the book, Occupy Wall Street is a prime example. The slogan for that particular movement is, “We are the 99%,” implying the other 1% have an inordinate concentration of income and wealth, and are vile and evil money grubbers. You could almost rewrite the book’s premise as, it’s not how does society treat the 99%, but how does it treat the 1%.

What I liked best in the book is Mr. Abdelnour’s solid grasp on American history. If you are a history buff as I am, you will appreciate his historical analysis of the Founding Fathers. Ziad’s extended account of Alexander Hamilton taught me about mercantilism, and more importantly, Hamilton’s principle of perpetual debt, ultimately resulting in the Federal Reserve System created in 1913. Too bad Thomas Jefferson agreed to support Hamilton’s central banking plan, resulting in the federal debt. Ziad calls it for what it really is, a Ponzi scheme. And that’s what I like about the author, he’s calls things the way they really are. And speaking of that, he goes after the nine most powerful financiers in America, boldly names them, and then recommends to the reader how to outsmart them.

Mr. Abdelnour’s goal for the reader is to make obscene wealth. He illustrates this by telling the story of Carlos Slim Helu (the world’s richest man), as well as Steve Jobs and others. They created a market where there was none. And that’s the key to great wealth. Ziad writes, “Great wealth is often created by the launching of great surprises.” When I read that, I immediately thought of Apple’s iPhone. What a “great surprise” that was, being able to go on the Internet on your cell phone!

To sum it up, Economic Warfare is all meat, no fluff. Well written, cogent, and concise, it is never boring. I am looking forward to reading Ziad’s next book.

By May Salha:

Economic Warfare:Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics is a book that goes deep into examining the very basis of our economic system as well as the very basis of what makes capitalism work. Or fail. It’s a thorough investigation into how we can create wealth and limit government interference in all aspects of life particularly the economy. Government is viewed as the enemy. Government is evil. Government is the root of all problems.”

“Mr Abdelnour’s approach is brilliant. It is certainly not the typical right wing limited babble. His approach is the result of a genious financial brain that systematically envisions solutions to our current economic downfall. Clear and realistic solutions in order to empower individuals toward wealth creation and boost entrepreneurship; which is the very heart of his discourse. The purpose is economic freedom, and ultimately an all encompassing freedom from any form of control. The return to the pure capitalist system of our Founding Fathers. Our inalienable rights.
Economic Warfare should be taught at the academic level. It offers an alternative and fresh philosophy. An analytical examination of our political and economic system. Mostly it’s a bold and fearless approach with the ultimate purpose of demonstrating the uniqueness of the America. To me, it was a learning experience!

By Kerry Zukus:

Most authors pull punches, equivocate, kiss up to their audience, pander, and try not to offend for fear of losing one reader and getting one bad review. Ziad K Abdelnour is not that kind of author. He is a breath of fresh air, a man who, agree with him or not, tells you exactly what he thinks and why. This is a man thoroughly qualified to write this book; a financial titan who has rubbed elbows with the biggest names on Wall Street — and kicked many of them in the pants. He talks about the Wall Street-to-DC revolving door that has creating a game so fixed that few neophytes have a snowball’s chance of getting truly ahead. His mission is to educate and knock down those invisible doors and barriers so that America can once again become an open society where everyone has a chance to not just survive, but dream and thrive.

By Patricia de la Mota:

In 2008 I was so busy building a funded company that, frankly, I barely noticed the crash…until suddenly I did. Over 5 years later, evidence is all around that businesses of all sizes and people of all social classes are still reeling from the madness of 2008. It’s not news to me that we were hoodwinked. What was news was exactly how – details, specific players, dates, coincidences. Ziad takes a mass of confusion and lays it out in a way that anyone can understand, without ever sounding condescending about it! Ziad doesn’t just cover the problem. He goes into the solution, on an individual and corporate level. Extremely valuable read.

By A Nixon:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is full of great stories, practical insights into today’s America, and very well thought out ideas. You will be challenged to improve your own personal economy and our larger American society. You may or may not agree with all of it, but it will entertain you and get you excited about the American opportunity.

By Raghuram S B:

Ziad’s straight talk on wealth and wealth creation and coming from him means serious business.We are living in times of utmost deception and lack of knowledge about the systems that control everything around us is the primary cause of loss of wealth and losing control over our own wealth by people who don’t care two hoots. Ziad’s perspective is the truth and I would believe that awareness alone is not the answer, but serious wealth creation which can circumvent the crooked systems must be taught and propagated. Loved the absolute determination with which you outline the truth and shatter the myths. Very hard hitting.

A must buy, must read..A treatise of sorts

By Roy:

We live in a world of compromises. Writers trying to please many in order to sell more. This book is saying the truth and no more, come what may! Straight to the point, enriching, truthful and ads value to your knowledge base. Ziad took me in a journey back to the source of the issue. What i like most about the book is the facts. The writer is stating facts; names, dates, sources and historical events. He is warning about eminent threats to the world economy and he reframes your mind in a way that once you close down the last page, you have this sensation that you now know more than many. He is warning about wolves with cheep cloth, a reintegration of communism with a 21st century facelift.

When i finished the book, and went to work, i realized the free economy degradation due to some individuals who are taking control over the hard work of men and women who believed in democracy and free economy. The plan is frightening and any person wishing to lead a conscious life, this book is a must read.

My father is a banker, an old school financial leader. In 2008, he came to me and said, son, i think government control is back and free economy is about to fall due to the lack of wisdom of some government bureaucrats. It was until i read Ziad’s book in 2013, that i understood what my father meant back in 2008.

But as a man of hope, i always believe that truth will prevail. Thanks to such a book, many will see light and will take measures to prevent a very mind degrading plan under execution.

I am a very harsh critic. I give this book a full star. Enjoy it mates…

By Steven Sipress

This is an extremely well-researched and well-thought-out book that not only outlines the history and depth of the financial crisis facing our country today, but also includes specific, practical strategies and advice for turning around our economy and avoiding the complete meltdown of life as we have come to enjoy it.

Abdelnour points out how the actions of our nation’s political leaders over the past 100 years or so have led to the current predicament we now face, and attempts to wake Americans up to the reality that the problem is much more serious than the government, media and academic institutions want anyone to believe.

This book is filled with truths that all Americans need to be aware of and start to deal with, such as:

* What Abdelnour calls The Socialist Fallacy: “the ridiculous notion that everyone should be paid ‘fairly’ instead of rewarded for the amount of risk they are willing to take with their own capital and resources.”

* The fact that the recent Wall Street fiasco was not just “a con job,” but even worse — “An Inside Job” made possible only by our ever-increasing federal government’s “legislative foray into social engineering” and constant over-reaching into areas never meant for career politicians, who consistently do more harm than good and steer our country closer and closer to the brink of economic disaster.

* How “Progressives have become a corrosive, corrupting influence on our society’s framework. They have thoroughly infiltrated our academic institutions, infecting our youth with disdain for concepts like individual sovereignty, capitalism, and moral imperatives. They have compromised our political processes, pushing their government-is-god agenda and weakening our republic, devoid of even the smallest amount of common sense or reason.”

* The chilling fact that “history clearly shows that governments that have tried to contain, regulate, or otherwise usurp capital have failed,” and the author’s observation that “only a mind with an envious, greedy perspective would consider punitively taxing the rich as a viable solution to our fiscal miasma.”

However, after pointing out the how, what and why of the monumental economic troubles facing our nation today and into the future — especially if we continue the destructive path we’ve been on for the past century — Abdelnour displays his ever-optimistic outlook and goes to great lengths to detail many specific strategies for pulling ourselves out of this mess, stating his firm belief that “the future is challenging, but there are many opportunities.”

This book is especially important for all entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs to read and understand, because in it Abdelnour shares his considerable experience and expertise for creating wealth. His very definition is instructive and empowering: “An entrepreneur is someone who solves people’s problems on a profit margin.”

He goes on to counsel entrepreneurs with powerful advice: “I believe that to create real wealth one must be willing to abandon one’s limited thinking, remove the boundaries around our abundance, and stop outlining how it is to appear in our lives. Remember not to create boundaries and remember not to define the outcome. Most importantly, stop letting people who are motivated by jealousy and envy dictate what your limitations are.”

And unlike the vast majority of small business owners who unfortunately are basically nothing more than self-employed wage earners who choose to concentrate their time and effort almost exclusively on providing a better product or service, Abdelnour fully understands and clearly states the true path to business success: “It is often how you market a product that determines sales volume more than the actual merits of the product itself.”

At the heart of the author’s message is his belief that “you do not change the world with your ideas, but with your actions. Ideas may inspire, but someone has to take action before the change occurs.”

In this book, Ziad K Abdelnour thoughtfully and skillfully exposes not only how our nation has gotten into the economic predicament we’re currently in, but offers detailed solutions on how we can avoid total disaster. As he concludes: “I still have faith in the American people — their determination, their ingenuity, and their ability to finally wake up to reality and change course. I firmly believe that they will.”

I wish I could share the author’s optimism. I’m not nearly as confident as he is that the entitlement-minded majority of Americans will somehow miraculously wake up and realize that we must abruptly and completely change the “welfare politics” course we’re on in order to avoid a disastrous fate, or that any significant percentage of Americans will suddenly decide to focus on wealth creation instead of job creation; on fighting to live an extraordinary life instead of simply hoping for nothing more than an upper-middle-class existence.

Such a massive shift may be possible if the author gets his wish that this book “will become required reading at every business school and political think tank int he country,” or if the ever-more-selfish and corrupt bankers, business leaders and career politicians who control our nation have a sudden and complete change in attitude and actions, but I’m not holding my breath.

Change does take place one person at a time, however, so I strongly encourage all Americans to read this book — and take action on what the author teaches.

By Kristine at Gold Coast Exclusive

Not only is this a good read for those in the financial industry who would normally gravitate to this topic, but an excellent introduction to the world of finance, highlighting the issues in a clear, concise and direct fashion. A Must to enlighten the general public on past issues so as to prevent future or additional crises in our economy, the ramifications of which affect every major industry, including the housing market.

By Patricia Kedziora

Read the book. You may not agree with it or you may, but you’ll walk away better armed to understand the debate and the emotions that are ragging in this country regarding the near collapse of our banking system.

Ziad’s brings something fresh to the discussion about who’s responsible for the latest financial catastrophe – interestingly he does this from the point of view of the “right” – yes, a populous right sentiment! And, what is most enlightening to me is that I find many of my friends grappling with the same issues – friends from the right and the left asking: how do we condemn what’s happened without breaking the system that created it? And, this I think is the central point Ziad too tries to grapple with.

Most interesting of all though are the chapters on investments and how Ziad looks at making investments. Any would be entrepreneur who plans on seeking Wall Street money had better read these chapters several times. This is a unique opportunity into the mind of a Wall Street player. Money is money and Ziad has been well trained in how to invest it and deploy it for maximum gain and he makes no apologies for it – as he should.

Disclaimer 🙂 I’ve known Ziad for over 20 years and consider him a friend, That doesn’t mean I always agree with him but it does mean that I respect him and thank him for trying to shape a debate that has lost touch with the way many Americans feel.

By Raghuram S B

Ziad’s straight talk on wealth and wealth creation and coming from him means serious business.We are living in times of utmost deception and lack of knowledge about the systems that control everything around us is the primary cause of loss of wealth and losing control over our own wealth by people who don’t care two hoots. Ziad’s perspective is the truth and I would believe that awareness alone is not the answer, but serious wealth creation which can circumvent the crooked systems must be taught and propagated. Loved the absolute determination with which you outline the truth and shatter the myths. Very hard hitting.
A must buy, must read..A treatise of sorts

By Maria P.

If you are one of those who wondered why despite all the bailouts of the banks, economic recovery has not been forthcoming: this book will enlighten you. Money that was intended to be reintroduced back into the market disappeared into the pockets of a few individuals who caused the problems in the first place, and were not held accountable. In his book, Mr. Abdelnour provides insights into what led to the economic melt-down of 2008, what exactly happened and suggestions on what changes need to occur on a national level to restore the American economy. He also provides personal strategies and vehicles for wealth creation. An eye opener and a must read!

By Anshul

This is a cut to the chase, no jargon, no rubbish explanation of the financial crisis that faces the US and the world today. How we got here, why and how to get out. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to a hear a warts and all description of the state of the economy that you won’t see on TV or read about in the newspapers. Ziad K Abdelnour tells the truth, without fear or favor.

By Hadley

Ziad has nailed how the producers of the world feel at this moment in time. We are at war politically, economically, and socially. Ziad captures the essence of how and why our country was founded, and what policies in America have done to our economic landscape overtime. He brings a clear view of what actions we can take to grow our individual wealth in this turbulent economic landscape. I thoroughly enjoyed his way of thinking, I gleamed a vast amount of knowledge from his perspective on our countries major issues, and political and economic history.

By L. Alber

WAKE UP Americans!!! Did we forget we still have choices? Because we are so mired in the immediacy of situations, we don’t often have a “helicopter view” of the economic deception being perpetrated upon us!!! Ziad is right on the money by creating a groundswell of necessary change before we reach a full blown “economic collapse”. He is challenging our current system and the politicians who have continued to operate from a misguided banking/economic structure. This book is an EYE OPENER and chilling from a historical economic perspective. History books are written by historians, Economic Warfare is written by a knowledgeable, savvy capitalist that sees the trends of our economic future, and who, thankfully, has put the US history and forefathers in the proper perspective. You will be astonished to discover Alexander Hamilton was a self-serving politician (not unlike current politicos) who organized the banking system for his own personal gain. Greed and power make for interesting bedfellows so is it any wonder Wall Street continues to build business on this false economic foundation? How might that “new” view alter our present “condition” if we had had such knowledge of the depth of deception? Consider `things are not as they appear’ and Economic Warfare exposes the illusion on which our country’s economic foundation was built. With his vast knowledge and understanding of trends, investments, and banking, Ziad’s insightful book offers a refreshing look for anyone who is still breathing. This is a must read!!!

By Ria Dawn

This book is 100% the truth. It does not beat about the bush. It does not make apologies for telling it like it is. It does not pay homage to debased political and social systems or ideologies in order to get along with everyone. This book is filled with knowledge, the “real deal” concerning this country, the economy, and the American people in a way that will awaken, illuminate, and incite to action the people who refuse to be led like sheep into the abyss of mob ignorance, emotional hype, and political obfuscation.

Entrepreneurs will richly benefit from this book’s counsel on ethically building their businesses to generate true wealth. Investors will gain insight into navigating these global fiscal waters to generate big returns. Leaders will be empowered by the understanding of root causes of the systems we now deal with, coupled with solutions for a tomorrow that is characterized by moral, social, and economic accountability and wholeness.

Mr. Abdelnour exposes the rosy facade that is the status quo, the erosion of common sense, and the watering down of America. He gives the reader a penetrating grasp of causes and effects with the practical wisdom to recognize and leverage opportunities for growth in order to thrive in this economy. Who couldn’t use that?

As a leading catalyst for informed thought and frank discussion of America’s most pressing concerns, Ziad K Abdelnour primes the reader with wisdom and guidance towards the pursuit of happiness, the pursuit of success, and the pursuit of excellence that energizes the creative force and soaring spirit of America.

By M B

Mr. Abdelnour has given us a no nonsense explanation and analysis of the forces that have created the momentous financial problems we all now face. Through thoughtful and intelligent language, Mr. Abdelnour has provided a clear picture of how ideals central to America for the past 200+ years have been strangled by our own government and those at the top of the U.S. financial industry. Unlike the many other books out there that cover this important issue, Economic Warfare actually provides solutions that can be implemented in the short term. Anyone who cares about their financial success and that of their children should read this book and use it.

By Gareth

I have known Mr. Ziad Abdulnour for some time now and I do share a great many of his view points but as a fellow entrepreneur/businessman we all have flavor to add and do not agree on all things, like Mr. Abdulnour I am from another country yet have found myself developing within one of the greatest nations on the planet, partly because of the influence it imparts on others. This on my part has lead me to become acquainted with such driven people as Mr. Abdulnour who commands the uttermost respect for his integrity, diligence, ethics, thoroughness and commitment but above all his humbleness and willingness from his “commander of heights position” emblazoned upon him from the world financial market place, to share his knowledge and understanding with others who are willing to become involved within the battle of “Economic Warfare”

Whether we like it or not we are all involved and are accountable for becoming involved or worse still standing idly by and watching everything around us become poisoned and decaying before our very eyes yet knowing deep down within, we all have some part to play and even more so some of the components required to see this task and others like it thru for the better of all.

Ziad has gone to great depths to provide background information, understanding and guidance to all on acquiring the knowledge and understanding the position the current system is in and from which it has strayed or being maneuvered off course by coercion from others.
The task now is not to be overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation but like Mr. Abdulnour dig deep and to analyze his initial offering of data, intellectual property and information diligently written free from “hubris” before us. Like him to constantly educate ourselves push ourselves to understand political and fiscal history, the people and organizations that are in play that are supposed to guard the very ideals and principles they have been voted in for. And like Mr. Abdulnour divulges in abundance, the where withal in acquiring this knowledge and more to the point `why’, coupled with building key relationships and acquaintances to re-address the balance.

Because whether we want to hear it or not we all need wealth creation for a better world free from a “manipulating Hamiltonian socialist disorder” or any other labeled so called higher power, how else is the fiscal balance and equilibrium going to be reached and our current system brought back from the brink of the current fiscal and political abyss.

The ones of us with knowledge and understanding have no right to stand idly by and watch the very fabric of our society be so casually cast aside with such “hubris and belligerence”, but as Ziad provocatively points out “to stand together and start the re-addressing process” thru the ballot box and not by diversion, delusion, illusion or hubris. This is the longer way forward but is essential, by educating others as to what has gone before them and “why” changes need and must be implemented to save everyone from the current situation.

There are very few people willing to commit their lives and reputations to the process like Ziad….like all great people, William Wilburforce, Whinston Churchill to name a few this is a life’s work that lays before Ziad. “All it takes for evil to take root is for good men and woman to stand by and do nothing”

Ziad, sincerely thank you and until the next time….

By Louis Sleiman

“Economic Warfare” is a brilliantly articulated solution manual to curing our gravely ill economy, ending the widespread corruption that dominates Washington and reversing the declining standard of living that has become both a reality and a norm for millions of Americans today. Of the many books I have read on politics, business and economics, “Economic Warfare” offers something unique. It comes straight from the mind of an accomplished entrepreneur, giving the book a foundation of experience-applied knowledge absent the well-intentioned and hopeful idea pondering that you may find in some of the others. If you are a straight shooter that deals in reality and appreciates logic and solution based analysis in a world full of deceitful, treachery ridden politics and seemingly irreparable economics, you will not find a better book to satisfy your needs. 212 pages of sheer value.

By Mara

As a mom raising two kids, one with special needs I found it difficult to understand why it has been so impossible to get ahead. I keep hearing jobs are being created yet everywhere I look things are worse. Many of my friends spend time complaining about the wealthy and that taxing them is the cure to fixing the economy. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. This book is exactly the tool we need to understand what works and what we can do to build our own wealth. Yes that includes ordinary people like you and I. Educate yourself and learn from those that create wealth, they have proven what works. Think of all those bills that are passed and programs created that have been promised to work since even before we were born,why are things still broken?

What’s great about this book is that it doesn’t matter what your political or financial beliefs are. Open your mind and be willing to learn from those that have created great wealth, that’s the American Dream and we are all capable of achieving it!

By Vince D

This is a very well researched book. I am particularly taken with the idea that a society should be measured by how it treats its wealthy. It took a willingness to assume risk for the wealthy of the world to get to where they are today and it is the wealthy that creates all the jobs in the world. Well done!!

By Usman Mirza

I am not an admirer of most business books because they lack the depth and diversity of experience and practical path to future of nations and people. Ziad has done it. His depth of analysis of American Economic History and its conclusions are worth gold to those who care to read or listen. His support of entrepreneurship and free enterprise is clear as well as his critique of some of the political and religious views held by some conservatives who have also caused current stalemate in the US economy as well as destabilized the business spirit everywhere. I am hopeful that Mr Abdelnour will have an opportunity to speak at many colleges and universities around the US and show his detailed analysis to prove to the open minded people his conclusions and their consequences. His personal success is also a proof of his commitment to the ideals of a democratic society that can be best managed by a blend of business and political experience. I highly recommend this book as a real guide to create wealth in America.


I am writing my review as an entrepreneur, an author, and someone who simply loves to read, but often avoids non-fiction. When I first bought this book, I did so as a frustrated small business owner, wondering how to make my way through these tough economic times. I then put off reading it…oh, I had this to write and that to do. I wish I hadn’t. This book kept me intrigued from page 1! Mr. Abdelnour and Mr. Whittaker have boldly put together a captivating, easy-to-understand look at our history, our economy, and solutions for our future. I thoroughly enjoyed the read, all while being educated as an American, empowered as a business owner, and impressed as an author. I have recommended it to other business owners, family members, and friends – and have even read passages to my children. I am impressed and thankful that I read this book. I look forward to more from Ziad and Wesley!

By C-A Ribeiraud

In “Economic Warfare” Ziad K Abdelnour takes a hard look at today’s US and Global Economy. He defines its true state, analyses the problem from which this Economy resulted, by dissecting it and digging all the way to its roots. Then he does what any successful businessman does in this situation: Once he understands fully what the Problem is, he sets it aside. Yes, he sets it asides and focuses on the search for the solution.

His analysis of what brought the US Economy and the world along with it to where it stands today, at the brink of the abyss, is both thorough and incredibly clear. He then proceeds to lay out a pathway of simple solutions, broken down in simple steps that anyone can recognize in one’s own realm of capabilities, from the Captain of Industry to the home maker managing the home finances. Solutions that do not come from Politicians or Government but from every single citizen in their day-to-day activities. A clear individual initiative to return to the fundamentals of basic common sense economics, this country was built on.

Whether you agree with Ziad or not (and I do wholeheartedly), you will not regret the journey your mind will take along the pages of his book. The Truths, Facts and Opinions you will find there will be a subject of conversation for many an occasion.

So this is my highest recommendation for : “Economic Warfare” – The Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics – by Ziad K. Abdelnour.

By Alex Kohan

I’ve downloaded the book into my Kindle. I could not stop reading. I finished before the end of the day.

Only a brilliant mind and a modest soul can take a complex reality and deliver a simple message. Ziad accomplished what many professors and professionals in the field could not. Explain in simple words what is our economic reality.

Further more, he offers suggestions as how to to look into new alternatives and move forward. This means that beyond today’s political made reality, there are some honest, pragmatic and positive thinkers and doers.

I personally want to thank Ziad for enlightenment, motivation and clarity.

By Baldwin Berges 

Ziad is in top form in his prodigious debut publication. Economic Warfare is probably the best book I have read in a very long time.

It cuts to the core of the issues at hand in the USA and it makes the case for the urgent change Americans need and can believe in.

Ziad takes no prisoners as he unravels the deceit and perversity that are undermining the world’s most powerful nation. The arguments he makes are difficult to dispute as they result from astute observance that can only be expected of someone with Ziad’s experience and tenure.

I hope this book will find its way to a large audience because it certainly has the power to make the changes required to save the USA.

While very elegantly written, it speaks in a language that can appeal to all walks of life. This book is a must read for all Americans and foreigners, like myself, who are trying to understand why America just doesn’t seem to be like it was before.

I am eagerly awaiting more from this author.

By Djagmon

This is such an intriguing and important account of things as they are how they came to be. It is a necessary and bold truth telling. It is loaded with economics, politics, philosophy and history, all of which are crucial to understand in order for the American people, and many other peoples around the world, to wake up.

I have started to read it a second time in order to think through it again intelligently and insightfully in detail.
a must read. twice.

By Kim Ann Curtin

Remember that scene in A Few Good Men when Tom Cruise’s character asks Jack Nicholson’s if he ordered the Code Red? Jessup replies, “You want answers?” Kaffee says he wants the truth and Col Jessup shouts, “You can’t handle the truth!”This scene came to mind as I began to get deeper into Economic Warfare. The truth is this book shook me up. I thought to myself on more than one occasion, “Can I handle the truth?” I actually had to stop reading it a few times to allow myself to process emotionally what I was learning since it was shaking up some long standing beliefs and viewpoints.I was fortunate to have met Ziad prior to reading his book. His “straight-from-the-hip” and fearless personality emboldened me to stick with his book in spite of the hard truths it unveiled. From the shocking truth about the Federal Reserve System, Alexander Hamilton, Lobbyists and the SEC to how the media keeps us stuck by convincing us that we “can’t handle the truth.” Economic Warfare will open your eyes and educate you all while respecting your intelligence by crisply articulating what happened and what we can do about it.The truth may be a jagged pill but Ziad inspires us to have the courage to swallow it and get busy at reconnecting to `the nation of entrepreneurs’ that we are!

By Calvin

This is one of the best books I’ve ever read – bar none. I’ve learned so much from this book….keep up the great work Mr. Abdelnour!!!

By Rbrezzy “Hutzler”

I’m a current student at Stanford University studying business and computer science. I read this book after meeting Ziad at a conference in Washington D.C. Overall, the book vastly exceeded my expectations. I expected a book filled with opinion and subjective explanations. However, I found the exact opposite.A major part of the beginning of this book deals with American history and the long trail of centralized financial regulation including discussions of Alexander Hamilton, the Constitution, 1913, and 2008. It definitely opened my eyes to exactly how we got to where we are today.Further, Ziad sheds some light on private family offices and what he calls “the secrets of wealth creation.” It was not quite as detailed as I would have liked, but offered some great advice for entrepreneurs of my kind looking for investment.Lastly, the book provides some hope at the end and offers real ways to fight for a free America. It’s great to hear this from a successful businessman who has first-hand insight into Wall Street and the American financial sector.Read the book, definitely worth it. You will learn a lot. I am loaning it to all my friends and they all have enjoyed it as well.

By Elizabeth Hartnett

Economic Warfare is a must read for anyone who believes in free markets or anyone disturbed by the massive expansion of government powers under the current administration. It is a stark look at the damage inflicted on the US economy in the past few years as well as the agenda behind the expansion of federal power. It provides a clear path to wealth creation in these volatile times with a strong focus on the importance of private equity investments in emerging markets. The book also takes time to discuss the under appreciated investment opportunities in the Middle East, markets which are too often shunned by developed market investors. All in all, the book is not only timely but a brave call to arms for those who want to see their country regain its position as the global financial power.

By John Childress

Economic Warfare is an eye opener for those Americans who don’t really understand what is happening to their wonderful country but who are very concerned that, for some reason, we are headed in the wrong direction. This book, written clearly and simply so we can all understand how the “system” works (and why it’s not working), spells out the real reasons for our nations economic and social problems. Ziad K Abdelnour is an American financial expert who understands the causes and the cures. Please take the time to read this book, then make up your own mind as to how to get active to take back the freedoms promised in the Constitution so we can rebuild the future and the American dream.

By Alan Gelband

In Ziad’s Abdelnour’s book Economic Warfare he states that a society should be judged by the amount of millionaires it creates. This book clearly shows the philosophy and policies which need to be changed in the United States to accomplish this goal. He also gives some excellent advice on individual wealth creation.

There have been many books written about the mismanagement of our economy and the problems this has created. Mr. Abdelnour does a very good job of discussing the historic basis for these actions and the huge economic problems they have created and will create in the future. However, in my opinion what stands out in this book is Mr. Abdelnour’s blue print for individuals to create wealth and for society to create the environment which will foster entrepreneurialism which is the foundation for wealth generation. This book should be read by anyone interested in understanding what is really happening in our economy, what we can do to improve it, and on an individual level, methods for creating great wealth.

By William A. Wheatley

Ziad K. Abdelnour in this work presents a very perceptive and enlightening review of the nature of the modern financial and economic world. He shows clearly the dangers facing us and the paths we, as individual investors, can take through the battlefield to avoid the mines placed there by those who would manipulate our futures. This is must reading for those who have anything at stake in the world of investments.

By Fabrizio Poli

Ziad is an absolute whizz in explaining how this whole world economy works. I totally agree when he says there is a war going on between the wealth creators and the wealth takers. In this book Ziad outlines what is really going on behind the scenes and how you can develop a winning strategy and become a wealth creator.

Buy it, read it, think about it and then get into action!

By Valerio Arcuri

I must say I haven’t finished yet to read it and I find it such an incredibly inspiring book. Well done my friend!

By David

This book is a must read for anyone who is serious about learning about the importance of creating wealth and solving the financial problems facing this country. In this well-researched book Abdelnour not only gives a history of how our government and its Progressive influence got us to where we are today, but also gives many specific examples of what we can do to change course and restore America to the free-market capitalist system it was originally intended to be. He talks about different vehicles he believes to be means of creating wealth such as investments, alternative investments, and private equity. The book also shows that the main attitude that must change is not toward poor people in country, but the wealth creators in America. He describes an entrepreneur as someone who “solves people’s problems on a profit margin” and the capital these wealth creators have is the engine that drives our economy. This capital is “coward,” as he says, and will run from taxes and regulation to a safer haven. When that is gone, we are all in trouble.

On Socialism:
“In spite of overwhelming historical evidence that socialism has never worked beyond a small, tightly controlled community of either like-minded or fully coerced participants. [The general public] are not being told that socialism had it’s roots in an authoritarian regime.” He quotes Winston Churchill saying “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

On Progressive Ideology:
“truth is useful only to the point where it can be altered to reinforce the desired outcome, because the desired outcome is more important than a concept called truth.”

“Progressive ideology is based on pragmatism: there is no fundamental difference between practical and theoretical reason or between facts and values. In other words, if a proposed solution seems like the right thing to do, then the cost or the social disruption doesn’t matter. The end justifies the means. What it has evolved into today is a humanistic, narcissistic, amoral belief system that relies on the twisting of truth, stirring of passions, demonizing of opponents, and the use of blatant propaganda. It is a simplistic ideology of black-and-white extremes marked by a religious worship of its leaders and blind hatred of its opponents.”

On Obamacare:
“The desired outcome of this bill was to take a service for which people traditionally paid and make it free for everyone, whether the person receiving medical care contributed to the cost in any way or not. It sounds good and noble, but it is, in reality, taking a person’s investment of the required dedication, education, and the commitment of years of one’s life, not to mention thousands of dollars spent, just to get to the point of being licensed to practice professional medical care and telling him or her that the federal government will now determine what their training, their expertise, their talent, and their livelihood are worth. The federal government will now determine which specialty they study, based on which specialty the federal government determines needs more practitioners.”

On the current financial crisis:
“This crisis is the direct result of a perfect storm of conditions that permitted a finite number of highly placed people to game the system and effectively stage a strategic economic attack on the existence of the American middle class and democracy worldwide.”

On how close we still are to the brink of economic collapse:
“Over the past few years, the percentage of Americans living paycheck to paycheck has dramatically increased. In 2007, 43 percent of Americas were living on the edge, paycheck-to-paycheck. In 2008, the percentage increased to 49 percent. In 2009, the number skyrocketed up to 61 percent. As of June 2010, a Harris poll conducted on behalf of CareerBuilder revealed that the number has exploded to a shocking 77 percent! This means in our nation of 310 million citizens, 239 million Americans are one setback away from economic ruin and millions more are in danger of having to rely on government assistance for survival.”

And finally one solution to fixing the economy:
“The overwhelming historical evidence is that the more freedom a nation has, the more economic opportunities will exist and the more dynamic that nation’s economy will be. Likewise, the more regulations, controls, taxes, government-run industries, protectionism, and other forms of interventionism that exists, the poorer the country will become.”

I read this book in 24 hours it was so good. It describes the problems we have, the reason we have them, and how to fix them. This should be considered a must read for all politicians as well as government and economics classes though out the country.

By Dale Ledbetter

Ziad K Abdelnour has made a great contribution to financial education. He explains complex issues in easy to understand terms. He makes readers aware of the desperate need for financial awareness of monstrous consequences that will overtake us all if solutions are not addressed.

The book is a strong 5 star. I have read it 3 times and will continue to use it as a reference source.

By Scott M. Peterson

After reading an online excerpt, I bought Economic Warfare and finished it in two nights. In a word, the book is inspirational! How is that possible given the magnitude of our economic and political crisis, with no end in sight? Until reading Economic Warfare, I was in the dark, unable to clearly understand the depth of our problems, their root causes and real life solutions. Every word of every sentence of every chapter resonates with facts, clarity, truth, direction and hope. The book opened my eyes to the evil forces who threaten our way of life. It also reinforced my faith in honest, hard-working people doing the right thing for the right reasons and who have the courage and conviction to fight for those principles. It’s not “drink the cool-aid” propaganda. To the contrary, it’s a much needed and sobering slap in the face to make us realize how we’ve been duped by those given our trust. The saddest part of that truth is there have been little or no consequences for those accountable for stealing from and lying to us. In fact, many have been rewarded financially or have conned Americans into re-electing them, or both.

Economic Warfare is incredibly well-written and should be taught to all American students, starting in elementary school, and read by all Americans with the right to vote and the hope for a better future. If this happens, we’ll rise up and win back “our” country. Our government and way of life will change dramatically and for the better. We have the power and responsibility to make that happen. Read this book and you’ll learn how we can do it!

By Michael L Meyers

The current political climate is so confusing, as to what is REALLY going on, that I felt with all the miss information, I was being painted into a corner! The only way out was to wait for the paint to dry. Economic Warfare added the heat that was necessary for that paint to dry and provide steps for a clear path to move forward.

Ziad has a unique gift in which he so eloquently describes, to the reader, how it all began, where we are now, and the steps that must be taken to put our Great Country back together again!

Ziad is a GREAT American who’s drive and love for our country, sends a strong message which will inspire a movement to the return of Capitalism and instill once again the American Dream! This book should be read and on every Americans Bookshelf. Thank you Ziad!!

 By Vijaya S Singh

When you write down your ideas you automatically focus your full attention on them. Few if any of us can write one thought and think another at the same time. Thus a pencil and paper make excellent concentration tool. Ziad, an astute product of agelong business acumen from The Levant has surpassed many others in identifying the financial problems that are thorns in business. The concept of greed as practiced in USA has been an eyeopener to the rest of the world. Ziad has identified all the pitfalls and troubles and has offered solutions to those who can assimilate. An Excellent treatise on Business.

Frank Caamano

Ziad’s “Economic Warfare” is a well written book detailing precepts for Surviving in these turbulent economic times.

Ziad lays the ground from a strategic perspective – identifying different asset classes and how to position oneself to stay in the game. Many times we have many so called gurus talking subjectively on how to enter but never citing how to stay in and grow – Ziad does this in this book.

As you read the book its clear the message is Patience, Preparation and Persistence is how you survive and maneuver within the many investment and asset vehicles.

Ziad is an economic warrior as he has been there – he worked it in the boom of the 80’s, the recession of the early 90’s, the internet boom of the mid-late 90’s, the down time of the internet bubble in the early 2000’s, the boom of the mid 2000’s and the bust of 2008 – He’s Been There and Done That. If your going to learn something and willing to learn something read an economic warrior say like it is – in laymen terms coupled with sophistication.


By Mark M

Ziad’s Economic Warfare book is well written, practical insightful and avoids excessive use of jargon. I benefited from reading the book, as I both gained a substantial amount of knowledge and also was able to better prioritize that which I already knew about our economy and financial markets. Ziad is right that increasingly all private sector businesses in the 21st century economic value chain must be competitive and knowledge centric while buying components lower than competitors and sell end products higher than all in cost is not unique. Ziad is driving the point that new era is upon us and must be understood by all having investment and management responsibilities is that the mining of remotely located minds is now possible and will become mandatory for companies to become and remain viable and competitive. Utilization of the remarkable processing units we call brains is no longer location dependent on just United States . For those understanding the opportunities available for US and Global economy, the future is bright and limitless. For those burdened by that which was thinking the future is bleak, reading Economic Warfare will help them update their thinking. We need less government and more innovative private enterprise. Bottom line, the mission of this book is a mission which anyone who aspires a leadership role in the 21st Century should undertake.

Mark Minevich, Principal of Going Global Ventures, Author Six Billion Minds and CTO Hand Book

By Robert Michael Boyter

Ziad’s book is right on the target if you want to know what is really happening behind the scenes in the world of Big Banks, the Federal Reserve and the political circus that pretends to control the direction of our country. This book is definitely a road map to clean up the mess our nation is in. It will show you things that you haven’t seen or knew existed. It also gives a good historical perspective on our current situation, while at the same time shining a bright light on many of the political cockroaches that got us all in this situation. I don’t agree with everything but I do agree we need to do something now to protect all of our futures. Economic Warfare is full of ideas and a suggested path to help bring our nation back to the values we were founded on. I think this is a must read.

I strongly recommend it.

By Todd A Yarter

I believe that every businessman/woman MUST read this book. Great information/history in retrospect of American business and what America must do, to thrive into the future. I am one of integrity, loyalty, and look deep into one’s character before doing business with them. As Ziad states, a wealthy person is someone who is well balanced in life, one who has aligned their soul, spirit and body. Business should be done the way it was years ago, with a hand shake, to where your word is more powerful than any ironclad contract today. Too many people are greedy and want to take what you possess. There is plenty to go around, and we need new entrepreneur’s to continue “American Exceptionalism.” I love how he speaks straight to the point and gets his message to come across clear. I would gladly pass and recommend this book to anyone in the business world.

By Steve Higgins 

Ziad, is unique. He has an insight that few possess. He understands how markets and economy’s work. He see the bigger picture. Read this book and understand!

By Jordan L. Kimmel

Ziad K Abdelnour’s Economic Welfare is an excellent and important read- especially now! The book was written to help shape the debate- what is the role of the government? Do citizens and entrepreneurs of this great country all need to be wards of the state- or should the role of the government be more limited than the current “leave the business of America in our hands” approach of the current administration.
This book was written by a man trying to stir up the fire in the bellies of America citizens before it is too late. Ziad is a proud America, and a global thinker, that understands too much government and too many programs and Czars inside Washington just can’t be a good thing for America. Many of his opinions of the government and FED are shared by a man I consider the greatest investor alive, Jim Rogers. Jim has already moved his family outside the US- we need to make changes before too many others follow Jim!

Ziad has taken the time outside his successful business world to write and share his thoughts. This book was not written to promote his business or to promote his own current politician campaign. It was written because he fells, and I agree, we are at a tipping point- a time when socialism is creeping further into the fabric of our government and needs to be stopped.

This book is about wealth creation and written by a man that knows all about it. It takes courage to write about the FED as Ziad does. Who “owns” the FED? Most people do not even know the answer to this important question. Read Ziad’s important book- before Election day!By Frank Pons

Before having read Economic Warfare, I was not certain if this was going to be strictly a discussion on politics or economics. What I learned is while both economics and politics are discussed, Economic Warfare is a call for action: (1) arrange your investments to protect and prosper from the on-going economic upheaval and (2) reclaim your inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Articulating in a forthright manner why the economic upheaval is occurring, the solutions are on the one hand self-evident (A is A) and, on the other hand, can only be arrived at via the insight gained from decades of deal making and wealth creation. Drawing on these insights and reinforced by quotes from some of the most varied and distinguished individuals in western civilization, you will gain the information you need to respond to the call for action. Quoting Niccolo Machiavelli, the purpose for writing Economic Warfare is made clear, “A return to first principles in a republic is sometimes caused by the simple virtues of one man. His good example has such an influence that the good men strive to imitate him, and the wicked are ashamed to lead a life so contrary to his example.” I hope you all read Economic Warfare and, having done so, will be inspired to be that individual we all strive to imitate.

By Mark LaPenna

After reading the entire book, I am amazed at the level of thought put into this project. Ziad uses real world theory and circumstances to effectively and concisely explain the basis for his values and thoughts. It starts off with some much needed history, and progresses to our current state of affairs as a country and an economic patient on financial life support. I believe his suggested solutions could certainly be applied, but the real problem is the social structure currently in place in our world. His life and work, are in direct alignment with his thoughts as they’re expressed in writing, and as such this book is a great “sounding board” for some of his other works. I fully endorse and recommend this book, for anyone whom is seeking to not only better understand where we are and how we got here….but how we CAN change our world…together! Great work Ziad!!!

By Michel Renirie

With a growing gap between the rich and the poor and a sentiment that is turning against “the haves”, this is a refreshing book that rebalances the debate in favor of the American dream, or for those outside the US, the capitalist dream. Ziad puts the entrepreneurs back on the pedestal: they are the real creators of wealth, and jobs. Whether you are a conservative or a liberal (or the European version hereof: a socialist), one thing is clear: the institute “nation state” is increasingly incapable of looking after you. This book is the energizer for those who realize the best (and really the only) choice is to take control of their own destiny. Read all about it in Ziad’s secrets of economic warfare!

By TraderTina

Economic Warfare is a well written and very timely book on the issues plaguing the US economy today. It offers real life, no prisoners solutions to businessmen and women who want to prosper in the current economic climate. Good work, Mr. Abdelnour.

By Eric Dixon

Ziad K Abdelnour presents a hard-hitting critique of the current and looming worldwide economic crisis, along with a cogent strategy for, as his subtitle suggests, creating wealth in an age when welfare politics threaten to expropriate the wealth of the upper and even the middle classes.The book succeeds in being both very readable yet also scholarly. It never bores, never tires. It makes for a great reference and is worth buying two copies, one to keep for one’s own reference and a second for friends. It is critical that it is readable, because the crisis is so disturbing that it can be hard to go more than a few paragraphs — let alone pages — without having to stop, take a walk and cool down. In that sense, it is like a very fine stout beer, thick almost to the point of being its own food group. Similarly, while “Economic Warfare” can be read quickly, to do so would be to miss the point. Almost like having a very fine wine — or an even finer woman — this book should be savored.”Economic Warfare” has to be a mentality-changer. It has to challenge your previous thinking and move you out of your comfort zone…because the current political and economic trend is moving us towards potentially the most reality-shifting events we may have in our lifetimes. But far from the typical hysterical books that invoke an apocalypse and advocate survivalist tactics, Ziad K Abdelnour is grounded in practical realities and his “Economic Warfare” both explains the causes of our crisis and a roadmap for dealing with it.

By Santiago Vitagliano 

Ziad K. Abdelnour has done it again, Economic Warfare is brilliantly written. Its socioeconomic insights will forever change perspective through which readers will view the capitalism and United States of America democracy. Our society is based on wealth creation and Mr. Abdelnour describes how it should work and why it is failing. This book is for readers who want to comprehend which mechanism have been manipulated to land the economy and the state of affairs in which we stand today. Finally the book has a strong call to action, for Americans to finally wake up to the realization that the status quo must be changed and nobody will enact change on our behalf. It is time that the wealth creators take charge of this great nation.

By C.J. 

If you don’t buy this book for Herman Cain’s introduction alone (which should give you an idea of what’s in store for you), you certainly could have. But once you’re past the couple of obligatory endorsements (but they’re good, surprise surprise!), it’s all raw, unfettered advice and insight on what to do to prepare yourself in case of zombie-economic apocalypse!I don’t buy print books anymore, so when I downloaded the Kindle version of Economic Warfare, I first went straight to the chapters on Wealth Creation and Private Equity: “…the best way to create real wealth is to put one’s eggs in one basket and watch that basket (the right one) very carefully. In fact, one can go broke diversifying.” It’s advice like this that flies in the face of what we hear every day, but it’s very astute, and Ziad’s not alone in this view – from Warren Buffet to William J. O’Neill, the truly phenomenal investors of all stripes decry diversification at the expense of concentrating on a few highly profitable investments. Fortunately, the book isn’t just general advice such as this. Ziad gets specific later on, when he talks about which states are the most advantageous to incorporate in, and other handy advice.Lastly, it’s refreshing to hear someone call out the pathetic state of education in this country. Ziad understands the importance of a classical liberal education – a rarity for someone in finance.

Ziad’s writing intrigued me years ago, before he ever decided to write a book. This was back when he was editorializing on events in the Middle East. I made it a point to hear him speak in person a couple of times in New York and liked what I heard, and have been a fan since. What was impressed upon me, going through Economic Warfare, was how well Wesley Whittaker captured the author’s voice. They are clearly good collaborators. It’s nice to see he hasn’t struck out with this first, but probably not last, addition to the bookshelf.

By Jim Vance

This is a Must Read book for all…this book is a compassionate, revealing and organized peek behind the curtain and a guide to the coming years in our economy. Ziad describes in the simplest terms what is happening to the world’s most powerful nation. His take no prisoner’s warfare writing reveals the undermining deceit and decay of our country, but fortunately offers a masterful road map of immediate take-action strategies.This book is a must-have powerful resource for 2012.

By Nigel

This is a timely reminder that ‘the west’ is in a financial mess. Mr Abdelnour spells that out clearly.There is also a democratic deficit in what is being carried out by our Representatives in our name! That is also clearly demonstrated.Governments do not have money – just taxation.

According to the IMF US Government Debt – as a %age of GDP is currently 106.6% of GDP. By 2017 it is estimated to be 113%.The US ecnomy is being stifled.

I think the Author has put forward some constructive ways to recovery and also the need to radically scale back central Government’s fiscal lunacy. The wealth creating sector is being mired in bewildering bureacracy and we need to reverse this trend-urgently.

Good luck to Mr Adelnour and all those who cherish self determination.

By Cbarsh

I was so impressed with all of the research of facts and the knowledge that was in this book, I think everyone in America should read it! Not only was this book informative but I also liked the fact that Ziad inserts his sense of humor. The kind of hope and change we need is in this book and not what we have been seeing over the past couple of years. When the causes of Americas problems are laid out along with practical and reasonable solutions, we as Americans with our “can do attitudes” can pull up our bootstraps and turn this economy around. These are the kind of ideas and freedoms our forefathers fought for. Your family and friends will love to read it too so make sure you buy more than one copy. It’s not about me but it always involves me!Thank you Ziad for writing this book!

By Rainy Days

WOW : WOW : WOW – I am in love with Ziad K. Abdelnour, a beautiful job of presenting who he is, where he came from and I have hope… just reading his past – his desires – his love for his wife – his love for this country…. To realize that someone with his level of contacts and level of education “gets it” and wants for this country everything that I want for this country.I have read all the introductions, the forewords… Herman Cain… Wes Whittakers… they all bring something to the introduction of who Ziad was, is and will be… I am so impressed with his letter to the President… another WOW.All Americans need to read this book to understand that we need to roll our sleeves up and fight to defend our Constitution.

By L. Mattheos

Ziad produced a comprehensive and unique analysis of what ingredients built the american dream and what illnessess undermine it the last few decades. He illustrated with facts why the USA government and the today,s banking system have lost their true role and purpose to help the economy move forward and the entrepreneurs feel free to inovate and produce real wealth..It is obvious that we need a new type of public sector leadership and approach to businessess and to those create wealth and Ziad offer his own unique and enriched analysis of what matters and how the economy should be run.

The USA government as many other governments have recently regulated and started to control their economies in a way they do not help them prosper because they failed to determine their new productive role in this new type of economy . Instead of boosting the new type of economy entrepreneurship now their controls and measures stand as cubersome for the people to be encouraged to take riks and create wealth. Ziad make right recommendations about this framework we need to operate nowdays to create wealth and consequently jobs and higher income to all via creation of real wealth and real businessess.There is also an interesting description of global investment trends and prospects. This book can stand as a usefull reference work to all those study entrepreneurship nowadays and want to develop their own business empire.I thank Ziad for his contribution to all of us try to create wealth with our ideas and projects and look forward to read his next book.

By Zach Ketcho

Ziad uses his knowledge and experience in the financial sector to show a different side of the current financial crisis. He sheds light on the actual causes of the crisis and gives practical solutions to help solve the problem. This book is a must read and I recommend it highly especially to individuals searching for the truth.

By Margaret G. Orem

This book will move you to action, and will arm you with the history, information, and action plan you need to make a difference in an economic system–particularly a system based on capitalism. You cannot read Economic Warfare and not learn something new, not be challenged in your thinking, or not be inspired to act. This book belongs in every person’s literary collection, and ought to be read and reread.Writing with clarity, conviction and aplomb, Ziad K Abdelnour provides a succinct and intelligent depiction of the evolution of the American economic system. He recommends specific structural and personnel changes to the U.S. government, as well as changes to legislation and regulations, in order to steer the U.S. back to what he believes should be its goal: the support and creation of entrepreneurial businesses, and the development of worldwide economic freedom.His willingness to be blunt, forceful, and fearless permits him to offer a new game plan for wealth creation, and to challenge conventional thinking. We would be wise to use this opportunity to learn from this brilliant maverick, and to set a course for wealth creation and economic change based upon his precepts.

By P. Hinson

Ziad’s book is well written and insightful. His is a perspective on our current economy and political environment that is sorely lacking in today’s public policy debate. He approaches both areas from the perspective of an entrepreneur and a deal maker at the highest levels, as someone who has mentored and nurtured other entrepreneurs and who has been extremely successful in doing it. Because of the popular vilification of the most successful, productive and creative members of society, we hear little from that end of the spectrum in the media and in the public marketplace of ideas.Ziad pulls no punches in articulating his disdain for leaders in both private industry and government who have abused their fiduciary responsibility and/or their responsibility to the voters and have created the biggest financial and economic disaster in our lifetimes. He names names, such as Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke, etc. and he is one of many who have objected to the privatization of profits, while at the same time putting taxpayers on the hook for losses which have occurred as a result of reckless risk taking. Ziad also takes our leaders to task for the “crony capitalism” which has infested Washington and the lobbying industry which has grown enormously in influence and power over the past several decades. He is a true capitalist who deeply resents the way that capitalism is being tarnished by the abusive nature in which it is being practiced in our nation today.Ziad adopts the unusual convention of opening his book with an open letter to the President requesting a personal face to face meeting. It is too bad that the request will probably never be honored. I think both the President and our nation would be much better off if he were to listen to the perspectives of people like Ziad. I know of no better spokesman for that perspective than Ziad.

By George Jensen

Economic Warfare is going to turn heads and leave people in jaw-dropping disbelief. Ziad K Abdelnour exposes the unspeakable acts of self-serving Washington insiders and their complicity and contributions to the worst economic meltdown since the Great Depression. He demonstrates with factual evidence how our elected officials — under the guise of the Community Reinvestment Act — lead our country, while lining their pockets, into an economic nightmare that will be felt for years to come. Abdelnour outlines the problem with the marriage between the government and the private sector. He also offers a host of practical solutions to get our country back on the track to economic prosperity. For patriotic citizens, Economic Warfare is an absolute must read.

By D. Adelson

Exceptionally thought provoking and hard hitting while in an easy to read style. No matter if you agree or disagree with the points presented, it is information needed to not only assist in understanding the issues but also to know what you are facing in today economic environment. Independent research of some of the points brought forward are founded and presented well with accuracy and direct information. One of the few books that calls it like it is. Of the hundreds of books that are being published today and vying for a busy executives limited reading time, this book is certainly one of the few that deserve the time utilization. This book is informative, well presented and a must read- not just a “social conversation” book.

By Tom Blinten

A truly exceptional and serious book; well thought out, and passionately and clearly presented. One for Our Current Times as well as For All Time…

By Thomas Chappell

Economic Warfare: Secrets of Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics, by Ziad K. Abdelnour, is not a book for the dabbler. This book is designed to be dissected, understood, and shifts the reader to action. This is not for those willing to be led by the whims of the media, the blustering politician, or the algorithmic illusions of the Wall Street, who made money while losing billions at the expense of the taxpayers.Like music orchestration, this book is broken into three harmonized movements:First movement: Mr. Abdelnour shows the impacts of class warfare and the results of penalizing success by the government. He defines who the “rich” are and the progressive agenda. Additionally, he clearly articulates the impacts on us all when the rich are penalized for their success (Chapter 1). He articulates how the divergence from the ethical paths in wealth making by Wall Street led to corrupt and inappropriate decisions, an ongoing contagion within the markets, and dire consequence for us all (Chapter 2).

Second movement: This section is a historical account delineating the roots of where the progressive movement came from. It illuminates an eye opening part of history and allows the reader to gain insight into the motivations of some of our country’s first legislators and their proclivity towards certain progressive dogma which translated into policies leading to perpetual debt (Chapters 3 – 5).

Third movement: After showing us how the dilettante will be fallow, Mr. Abdelnour gives perhaps one of the best designed wealth building segments I have had the pleasure of reading. Why? This answer is clear if you think about it. In most “how to books” the authors espouse information on step by step plans that people sheepishly follow sometimes to their detriment. Few people ever find their path and instead settle for mediocrity. The pathway to the successful completion of your goals will be scattered with the dead and non-innovative–get used to it. This presentation was pleasantly lacking the step by step approach, but rather, it encourages the reader to dig in and find where they can add value to their country, state, community, clientele and themselves. Lastly, Mr. Abdelnour empowers the reader to stand for what is right and make “we the people” mean something again. He reminds us and the legislative bodies that the “people” are a force to be reckoned with (Chapters 6 – 10).

By Keith

An unvarnished and highly critical look in the mirror filled with what many are thinking and all but a few are too scared to say. Read it if you dare.


Economic Warfare is fascinating, insightful, inspiring, brilliant — a must
read!I found it to be a fantastic book!Thank you for writing it.

By Dan

This book is a must read for every American! The information would not be so frightening if it weren’t all true. The difference in this book from other similar titles is that Mr. Abdelnour captures the issues and challenges then provides real solutions. In addition while addressing the total mismanagement of the current administration, Mr. Abdelnour is not bashful about presenting missteps on all sides of the political spectrum. We all need to take aggressive action, thank God for prople like Mr. Abdelnour that are capable of articulating these thoughts which will provide the spark.

By Xon

Ziad has done a brilliant job on this book, being in the heart of dealmaking for so many years, he really knows what’s what in the political and economic arena.Economic Warfare is brilliantly put together and offers solutions to the American people of what they need to do to make the change to the political landscape of the U.S, if they want to better their lives.If Ziad ever wants to run for office, he will get my vote as well as, I guess, many others who want real change and not see the same old lobbiest take charge at the White House, who have for so long, dominated American politics.

Look forward to the next book.

By Sue Wiltshire

A most fascinating and compelling read, Ziad at his best thought-provoking and provocative, so if you want to understand the concepts of wealth creation, the economic meltdown and much sure you pick up a copy of the book.

By Tim

Mr. Abdelnor provides in this book the story of how American free enterprise is on the verge of going horribly wrong, due to the Machiavellian nature of certain politicians and certain banking professionals (he names names!). As he points some of the specific actions, especially with regard to the recent sub prime mortgage crisis, one has to wonder at the stupidity, the lack of even the most basic understanding of free enterprise economics in Washington D.C. today.

Some great and well researched historical perspectives contained here, and at the end are principles and advice that every entrepreneur should read. Investors should also note his investment directions since Mr. Abdelnour is a major player in the investment world.

This should be a wake up call to both D.C. and Wallstreet, it really crystallized what people are angry about.

By Kevin Crosthwaite

Ziad K Abdelnour presents the reader a poignant critique of the current and looming worldwide economic crisis, along with a cogent strategy for, as his subtitle suggests, creating wealth in an age when welfare politics threaten to confiscate the wealth of the upper and even the middle classes. The book also provides a succinct and intelligent depiction of the evolution of the American economic system.

Economic Warfare is brilliantly put together by Ziad K Abdelnour and offers strong suggestions on how to avoid the huge potential downfall society as we know it may face. The book provides an exceptional history and background on why the USA has gotten to the point where it is today – near bankruptcy and controlled by very few.

The book is written from readable and scholarly platforms and offers enormous insight along the way. After reading the first copy, I purchased several for my family and friends and we refer to the book when in conversation discussing pressing economic issues in the news.

Ziad K Abdelnour is grounded in practical realities and his “Economic Warfare” both explains the causes of our crisis and a roadmap for dealing with it.

By Jeff Bell

Great book!! Finally someone gets right to the point without trying to be politically correct. If you want a “behind the scenes” look at our economy and our country this is a must read. This economy can be fixed…the government can be fixed and this book will give you the insight on how it can be done.

By Dr. Alijandra Mogilner

Ziad K Abdelnour is well known in the financlal community in New York Cityy and works internationally. As a result of his own personal experience he has a great deal to teach almost anyone about wealth creation. However, this book goes a great deal further then the usual how to make money fast scam books. Unlike so many books on the market which promise to make money fast but only makes the author of the money, this one makes no such promises. Instead it should be used as a text book in our universeities. and it should be read by anyone interested in our monetary system. Wheather you want to work in wall street or not it will contrinute to the quality of yoir life. it is not just for the rich. It is a great guide for those just starting out. It is also a boon to those who are more sophisticated. Whather you want to make money, go from a comfortable position to true wealth, or simply have a true understanding of thsystem, this is a great book to own. I have a personal prejudice for hardback books that I can hold and enjoy, but no matter how you choose to have this book, I think you will find get a work of enduring value.

By Blair Fensterstock 

Ziad’s perceptive view of the state of the economy, its causes, its evolution, its development, and the inevitable cures are perceptive and enlightening.

By O. Bempah

I had anticipated Economic Warfare on the lead up to its release and when I received my copy it did not disappoint. The book was captivating from the start. You begin to realise there is a world out there that educational systems do not teach you about – the world of the wealth creators. People who think differently, contribute to vast amounts of the economic growth, push boundaries and cause business to become more efficient. The book is very thoroughly researched and well written – at times it feels like a fascinating historical account. Moreover, it is a mixture of technical insight into the nuts and bolts that underpin the financial system and some of the related issues and a personal account in which the author’s vast industry experience and personal anecdotes come to bear. This book has truly inspired me to try and think from another perspective, it is rare to read a book which focuses on solutions to certain financial and economic ills. I think everyone interested in the economy, finance, wealth creation or even politics should read this book!

By Caroline Kennedy

“Economic Warfare is the book of the Century! Just like the mastery of the Phoenician lineage which Ziad hales from, this outstanding book charts the sequence of corruption, power and greed which has resulted in the worst financial catastrophe since the 20’s… Ziad names and shames the corrupt politicians, financiers and Institutions, whilst brilliantly outlining solutions that will change the framework of Governments and Societies for many years to come. Once i started reading this superb book, i could not put it down. It will change your life for the better.”

By Tam St. Armand 

While Ziad is a successful business professional who has reached the very top of his field, this book is probably one of his greatest achievements ever. Ziad truly does demonsrate his other success as well – his success as a citizen of this country. The author puts some complicated matters into ‘plain speak’ so that any American (or foreigner) can pick up this book, read through it and fully come to understand and grasp the current situation facing this country today. Upon reading this book one is reminded of what our citizenship means to us, what our course of history has been as it relates to our economy and how we got to where we are today (an economic crisis). Ziad also reminds us of what we should be doing about the problems we are facing today which is to cast our votes and let our voices be heard. If there is any book you read this year this should be it. Plain and simple Ziad puts the truth down on paper, he names names and calls for change and he does so in a very compelling manner.

By Robert

This book is a timeless work that traces the origins of our ongoing financial crisis in the United States from the time of the founding fathers to present day in ten extremely well written chapters. This historical account covers the first half of the book and is extremely informative, insightful and educational, so much so I would recommend it as required reading for every American. It will wake people up to the structural problems of our financial system and the perpetual indebtedness that will eventually destroy the United States and that permitted perhaps the largest theft of wealth in human history by corrupt bankers, like the folks at Goldman Sachs, and the politicians who have enacted unfunded entitlement programs that are nothing more than a massive public ponzi scheme. This isn’t sensationalism, it is fact, and the author clearly makes the case for all those interested in learning what happened, how it happened and who was responsible for it happening.

The author also has one of the best and most straightforward descriptions of an entrepreneur and the value of entrepreneurs to society as wealth creators.

At Chapter 7, the book shifts gears to investment strategies for those that are in a position to invest and in particular talks about the personal investment philosophy of the author and what types of investments, deals and management teams he looks for. Chapter 7 is what makes me see the book as two books in one. However, learning the investment strategies and outlook of the author given the context of the financial crisis and system he has described in great detail is valuable even for the small retail investor who would like to protect their retirement or savings. I might recommend that the non-investor skip Chapter 7 and 8, and then come back to them at the end to really spend time determining what applicable information you might discern for your own wealth building strategies or how you might alter what you do with your retirement and savings.

This is an excellent and well written book.

By Mike Clarke 

In his latest book, “Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics”, Ziad K Abdelnour pulls back the curtain on Wall Street banking and issues a call to action that everyone, especially in the USA, should heed.

To understand correct action we need to have the facts. As a former economics major and being an entrepreneur I thought I had it covered through extensive reading, studies and work experience. I was not prepared for the breath and depth of the corruption and mess in the global banking system that is laid out by Ziad. I owe a debt of gratitude to Ziad for sharing so much of his hard won insider knowledge and wisdom, as you will too, undoubtedly, should you read it.

So that we can understand how to act, he first lays out the whole economic mess while citing extensive research and naming names. He then follows up with what to do about it. It is filled with well researched facts and reasoning backed by his passionate belief in the spirit and character of Americans to pull themselves out of it. After you catch a glimpse into how infested the global and US financial system, government and economy are with parasites, how dramatic and urgent the current problems are, and what must be done you will wonder where the riots are.

We can thank our lucky stars that someone with his position, experience and insight is openly sharing the insider intel and strategy to understand what is happening so that you can help yourself and the western economies survive the coming years.

By Nicole N Abdallah

The book is outstanding…..foolish not to be read, particulary by anyone wanting & needing to be savvier about our economic state; governmental contribution in particular. This books takes anyone who reads it to the next level. Mr. Abdelnour presents a form of education about our finances that is much needed. Best of all, it furnishes you with an array of strategies that carve out a more successful path. A must read, to say the least.

By Pamela 

Magnificent! Ziad has delivered what must be considered an absolute GAME CHANGER. As I waited for my copy to arrive, I was entrenched in another great read which quickly fell to the bedside once I read the first chapter of Economic Warfare. Anyone truly interested in participating in the rebirth of the US economic system clearly must include this book into their repertoire as a necessary component in understanding today’s political landscape. Understanding one must provide solutions rather than simply complaining is a key in opening the mind to the realistic cures we must support to once again become the strong nation we once were. Thank you Ziad for taking this step forward and for sharing your vast knowledge.

By Mike Friesen

This book was hard to put down (I read it twice). If you long to see America return to the land of prosperity, this book is for you! Compelling and riveting, Ziad K Abdelnour traces a careful path from our founding days to the present economic struggles and what root-cause events have led to the current distresses. Fortunately, he goes beyond the troubles to real solutions as well.

Far from a doom-and-gloom book, Mr. Abdelnour still sees an exceptional America as a land of opportunity for those who will accept personal responsibility and embrace the entrepreneur’s mindset. From his personal business experience in the international arena, Ziad encourages and offers several big picture ways to create wealth and makes the reminder that creating an asset (product or service in demand) is still the road to financial security. He also talks about secrets for business owners on how to partner with private funds for growth while using current global trends as a backdrop.

From his opening letter to President Obama to concluding thoughts on each major, federal department, the tax system and the federal reserve, Ziad displays the common sense he so readily promotes. And yet the emphasis is not on the money alone as the more important agenda is to make a positive difference in the lives of others by living up to our rich cultural heritage as Americans. I was inspired and challenged by this book!

By Revolution of the Good

Economic Warfare is brilliantly put together by Ziad K Abdelnour and Wesley Whittaker. We live in times that will be written about for generations to come, but the key here is that Ziad offers strong suggestions on how to avoid the huge potential downfall society as we know it may face. The book provides an exceptional history and background on why the USA has gotten to the point where it is today – near bankruptcy and controlled by very few. He also points out the conflicts of interest and people who have sold out the US for personal gain. His candour and truths are not hidden and you do not have to read between the lines or infer his message. Western society is based on wealth creation and Ziad describes how it should work and why it is failing. This book is for anyone who wants to understand how the system has been manipulated and how we can get out from under the umbrella of being a victim to once again controlling our destiny. This is a great read for Canadians as we are greatly impacted by the US future, as well as important for the entire developed world to hear the messages. If you want many truths revealed – read this book. It is time that people are empowered again or failure is sure to find the western world.

By Phillip G

This is an insightful and deeply researched book. Ziad is brilliant and articualte in detailing the financial problems that plague our financial system today. This book is captivating, Ziad is equipped with facts and impeccable knowledge of the current economic situation and provides solutions on how to return to economic prosperity.

By Steven Pickett

Ziad, a true patriot, provides us with an important look into the current financial situation by taking us back in time, unraveling the root causes of the problems we now face as a country. Refreshingly, Ziad continues with a practical guide that can help change the trajectory of our country, along with a personal guide to help build individual wealth. This well written expert perspective is a “don’t miss”!

By Kelli Richards

This book contains powerful insights about some of the biggest challenges we as Americans face today — both economically and politically. Ziad K Abdelnour is a trusted colleague & a thought leader who is poised to create a significant ripple effect in geopolitical economics and finances. No longer are the worlds of finance and politics separate (if they ever were). Ziad dissects the issues at hand with precision, backed up by facts vs conjecture. His mission is to wake us up as a society and to be informed. Those who choose to embrace his advice stand to experience tremendous wealth creation and to become more empowered. Those who elect to ignore his counsel do so at their peril. Ziad’s track record as a very successful executive in the financial world speaks for itself. Now his leadership in the converging worlds of politics and finance (well-timed in the market) have him poised to become the voice of a whole new movement. I look forward to tracking his success in the media and the broader global arena.

By Dr. Anna Brilli

Magnificant work , fantastic book of Ziad K Abdelnour who catch the heart of the worldwide economic crises and today’s political landscape.
I am a Surgeon not an Economist or a Finacial Expert, but this book was a great challenge for me, and lecture how we can get our lives and destiny in our hands, without being manipulated by the system. It is awake up call. This book has to find the way to a large audience because can help to make the changes and save the USA. It gives us exceptional history and background of USA what it was and where is now, and is a manual of the years to come in economy. Economic Warfare is an absolue must read.

By Julian Sturton 


By Todd Delano

First, let me say thank you Ziad for sharing your knowledge on this timely subject. I often will read books or articles and pick up useful information on a subject of interest; although it usually merely serves in reinforcing my personal confirmation biases. But, on very rare occasions, information comes along in such a manner that it creates a fundamental shift in the logical manner in which my opinions are formed. Your book has accomplished just that.

Your macroeconomic perspective has forever changed the lenses through which I view the cause and effect relationship that capitalism and our American democracy have with one another.

By Bill Brooksbank

Ziad K Abdelnour is a very experienced Wall Street insider who sees clearly how Wall Street and our federal government together drove our nation into a deep ditch, and just as important, he is not afraid to speak the truth. In order to make wise and effective decisions, we all need the key facts and a clear understanding of the environment in which we live. Mr. Abdelnour gives us the unvarnished truth with the supporting facts.

So many of our fellow citizens accept the notion that incremental adjustments to our strategies and policies will solve the serious problems we currently face as a nation. Mr. Abdelnour obliterates this conventional wisdom and clearly explains the changes we need to make in our thinking, our own personal actions and our governmental policies if we are to achieve a prosperity that endures.

This book is excellent. I highly recommend it!

By Bruce Merrin

I was riveted to every page. This is the best book I have read all year. Brilliantly conceived. Ziad is a financial wizard. A genius. What a compelling message he delivers powerfully. I am captivated by his insights to Economic War and Economic Liberties. You must read the Thomas Jefferson quote on page 35 when you purchase this magnificent book. Fascinating that Ziad’s full name translates to: One Who Brings Light To the World! I concur. I believe that Ziad can revolutionize the financial world if people simply LISTEN. His guidelines and suggestions to finacial $ucce$$ were eloquently stated. I am advising everyone I know to purchase this masterpiece.

By Dan Galvanoni

Economic Warfare is a sobering look into what has happened and is happening in the United States and global economy today. Ziad K Abdelnour is extremely articulate, innovative and very compelling with his detailed positions and thesis. The information provided I wasn’t privy too, Ziad research has uncovered “contributors” to this mess that americans aren’t even aware of and Ziad puts all the pieces together for the reader. This book is a must read if you are a serious business person and want to get out of the quick sand of the US/Global economy and understand a fraction of what has happened and coming. Economic Warfare is a must read and the book of 2012 even though the truth hurts to uncover it is still liberating and worth the time to learn. A Five star read for today and decades to come.