Break the Rules – A Prompt to Think Differently

Time after time, I hear people complain about how much they want their lives to change, but what are they really doing about it? Nothing at all. They stay in line. They follow the precious rules that are set before them, and they live to survive not thrive.

BUT this is not you my friend. You’re a free thinker. You feel that deep down you have a power within you to take back control of your life and implement the changes you want to see. You know that disruption is brewing inside you, and it is time to unleash. You will be the change that you want to see. Why? Because you’re not going to sit back and let the world convince you to play small. No, you’re going to go out and do things differently.

If you want to successfully change your life and be a true game changer for everyone around you, you must be the wolf in a world full of sheep. Think about it. Can you think of anyone who has created impact in this world by following the rules? I certainly can’t. This is because the safe route isn’t conducive to innovation. There’s no impact. The only way to create change is to go against the grain.

This is not to say that you must obnoxiously go out of your way to do the opposite of what everyone is doing. You need to take the time to figure out what to break and what to keep. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to do too many things differently in the beginning. Creating widespread, meaningful change takes time and should be done tactfully.

Some of you may be reading this still waiting for the answers on how to create the change we’re speaking of. Well, you won’t find them here.

I am not here to tell you what changes to make or how to go about doing them. I am here as the sign you need to simply go for it. This is not some Wiki “how to” article. It’s merely a prompt to get you thinking. The answers are already inside of you.

But I will leave you with this. I want you to ask yourself these few questions and dig deep for the answers:

  1. What rule do you want to break and why?
  2. How can you demonstrate the need for this rule to be changed?
  3. How can you come up with a solution?
  4. How will this affect people around you?
  5. How can you gain support to make this happen?
  6. What do you hope the outcome will be?

I hope through taking some time to think about these questions, you find the answers that you are looking for. I hope that you go out and make the changes that you’re desperately craving. This could be the very change that the world needs to see.

Even though they say not to, go ahead and break some rules. Your ideas matter. You don’t have to keep doing things the way they have been done forever. You have to power to inspire change and make things better for yourself and the world around you.

Be someone who invests in creativity and innovation.

Be someone who is a disruptor.

Be someone who is a change agent.

Change is hard, but necessary for the world to grow. Therefore, be bold, go against the flow and break the rules.


Written by

Ziad K. Abdelnour, Wall Street financier, trader and author is President & CEO of Blackhawk Partners, Inc., a private family office that backs accomplished operating executives in growing their businesses both organically and through acquisitions and trades physical commodities – mostly oil derivatives – throughout the world.